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Neat™ T-Shirt 4-Pack

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Includes 4 t-shirts: one in each colour (blue, grey, green and black), all in the same size. Technical tees, trusted to keep sweat hidden. It’s normal to sweat as we move about our lives. The clothes we wear just need to keep up.

Magic under the hood

Neat® fabric is sweat-activated.

Reliable down to the last drop

Hides sweat

Sweat-activated fabric stops moisture from escaping to the outside of the shirt. 

Faster drying times

Maze-like fabric system can diffuse sweat like magic.

Reduces stickiness

Sweat is redirected away from the body to keep parts of the shirt completely dry.


Neat® is a patented blend of fabric and technology that protects you from looking sweaty from the inside out.


Like wearing a soft cotton t-shirt with sweat-activated superpowers.

I'm so excited and relieved that i can finally stretch my arms without showing uncomfortable dark spots under my arms. I'm using Neat shirts everywhere: at the gym, bush walks with my backpack (no back sweat marks either), jogging & even working. Its really comfortable and dries fast. More colours please!

Chiara, Sydney

Skeptical of promises like this - i took it on an 8km run as was stoked! My face was a lovely ball of sweat, but the shirt looked how it did when i put it on. The same team make Storelli soccer gear, which i've been buying for a few years and this just adds to their quality stable. Cheers guys!

E, O'Shea. Adelaide